Државни секретар у Министарству пољопривреде, шумарства и водопривреде, Бојан Врањковић, и Бранко Лакић, директор Управе за пољопривредно земљиште, су, након састанка са замеником градоначелнице Ужица, Драгољубом Стојадиновићем, и његовим сарадницима, обишли угоржено подручје Лужничке долине, оштећено током невремен

Decision to dismiss the mayor was not made overnight

“The City Committee meeting was held yesterday. The main topic was the importance of making decision by which our party reassessed the work of its position holders on all levels in the whole Serbia. These moves are something new in our political scene and we hope that all others parties will follow our example and start from themselves in critic, if they want to improve our city and our country."